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Published: June 10, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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Dec 3, 2018
Has anyone else had luck in running Metro Redux benchmark? It says you need to. Epic Games Store. It runs fine on my PC but stutters a lot. I have a GTX 1080.


I still can’t run a benchmark, but I can verify that Metro: Last Light has a built-in benchmark tool.

Open the.exe in a text editor and find the line
“TotalBenchmark: $(PATH_SEPARATOR)Metro2033benchmark.exe”

replace it with “TotalBenchmark: true”
Save the file, and run it.
Set it to your desired graphics quality presets (or create new ones for yourself)
Then run the game, and get a score.
I have no idea how well that prebuilt test works, but its good to have it available.

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gui:… Last year, I had no idea what time it is. ·
TERMINateswindows installer.
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Metro2033 Benchmark Tool is a tool to benchmark your PC and compare your PC’s performance with other users.

Markus Käppen. 14 Mar 2014. The benchmark suite of tools is now available free for all Metro 2033 players.

Without further ado, here is the data and log files.

Unfortunately, it has some sort of error message before it loads.

After that, it loads and displays, so there should be no issues with this tool.






Download Metro2033 Benchmark Tool
by Innoup
0.870 MB

Download Metro2033 Benchmark Tool
by Innoup
0.870 MB

Download Metro2033 Benchmark Tool
by Enhetek
0.530 MB

Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool

Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool
Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool is a tool to benchmark your PC and compare your PC’s performance with other users. You can find the benchmark in this site Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool was developed by Innoup, and we already release this Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool. This Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool is very easy to use. Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool comes with Benchmark Game Test, Benchmark Graphics Test, Benchmark Music Test, Benchmark Audio Visual Test, Benchmark System Test, Benchmark CPU Test, Benchmark Startup Test, Benchmark Blu-ray Test, Benchmark Hard Disk Test, Benchmark Memory Test, Benchmark Game Time Test, Benchmark File Test, Benchmark Wi-Fi Test, Benchmark Internet Test and Benchmark Sound Test. All of these benching tests also have score. For example, if you have Benchmark Graphics Test, the score of Benchmark Graphics Test will be between 0-100. Also, Benchmark Game Test, Benchmark Sound Test, Benchmark System Test, Benchmark CPU Test and Benchmark Startup Test all