Eicher Tractor Model in India With Premium Package

by Vijay
Published: September 8, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Eicher tractor company has a compelling presence in the Indian market for producing farming machines. These tractors are demanding for their multipurpose use in agriculture. You will get many impressive specifications in this tractor model because farmers choose this tractor model because of all its quality work in the field. Following are the 2 popular models of Eicher Tractor.

Popular Eicher Tractor Models 2022

Eicher 333 Tractor

Eicher 333 is a 36 HP tractor and generates an engine capacity of 2365 CC with 3 cylinders. The tractor has 28.1 PTO hp, generating 2000 RPM. It arrives with a 45-litre fuel tank capacity and 1650 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity. It is available at Rs. 5.45 – 5.70 Lakh*.

Eicher 241 Tractor

Eicher 241 has a 25 HP category and a 1-cylinder and 1557 CC engine that generates a 1650 engine rated RPM. It arrives with a 34-litre fuel tank capacity and 960 hydraulic lifting capacity with 1640 kg total weight. The price of this tractor is Rs. 3.83 – 4.15 Lakh*.

Eicher 368 Tractor

Eicher 368 is an efficient tractor model with 36 HP. This super tractor weighs 1945 kg, and the wheelbase is 2008 MM. The price of this robust tractor is Rs. 5.40 – 5.65 Lakh*.

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