Guru Chandal Dosha

by Guru Chandal Dosha
Published: May 15, 2022 (4 days ago)
June 12, 2022

Guru Chandal Dosha is a yoga that is formed from the combination of Jupiter and Rahu or ketu in your birth chart. In Vedic Astrology, there are numerous dosha or yoga forms from the combination of different planets and houses. Guru chandal dosha is one of them. Actually, it is also known as Chandal dosha, but the inclusion of the guru or Jupiter indicates the major role in this dosha. If you want to know its presence in your birth chart or need any help to get away from this dosha, it is recommended to book a consultation session with him or first know its relevance in your life. Generally, it impacts the behavior and tendencies of the person. For more information, visit the website of Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.