New Escorts Tractor Price and features 2022 – Tractorgyan

by Tractor Gyan
Published: September 13, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Escorts Limited, a 1948 invention, was instrumental in farm motorization. Escorts tractor is marketed under three distinct brands: Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Digitrac. One of the affiliation’s objectives is to create effort and to improve straightforwardness, regard, and honesty. It will most likely become India’s leading planning company through all ethical and legal means. In the agricultural equipment industry, the Escorts tractor brand is well-known.

Escorts tractor has eight different tractor models with horsepower ranging from 12 to 35. Escorts Tractors range in price from Rs. 2.60 to Rs. 5 lakh.

In India in 2022, the cost of an escort tractor is quite reasonable and clever. The Escorts tractor ranges in price from Rs 2.60 to Rs 2.90 lakhs*. This brand’s most expensive tractor costs Rs. 5 lakhs*.