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Genie is an exclusive and unique Korg-exclusive application developed by Korg specifically for Korg Prophecy and developed using the XEN64 toolkit.
In collaboration with Korg, Genie will also be released for other Korg products.
Progenie is a software that allows you to edit drum sounds (patches) in an easy-to-use graphical interface.
You can play and edit patches as you would with your Prophecy.
Progenie not only lets you edit the original Prophecy patches that came with your Prophecy, but also lets you create and easily edit your own patches.
Progenie gives you the tools to make variations on your original drum patches.
You can apply different sounds, textures, effects, and adjust the volume of patches as needed.
Progenie includes an intuitive and easy-to-use editing interface to make your sound design a snap!
You can also control your parameters as you would with your Prophecy.
Progenie lets you harness the full power of your Prophecy!

PC – Korg MS-20

Composer Maker

Composer Maker is a powerful software solution for electronic musicians looking to quickly and easily create, edit, and perform realtime computer-based musical performances from their own original musical ideas. You can compose, record, and perform with the Korg MS-20 synthesizer in virtual studio through the Composition Module and Perform Mode, or edit, playback, and perform live in the performance module.

Bake Soundbanks

You can make your own soundbanks from a vast range of sampled sounds, and play sounds created by others by reusing their pre-made sounds.

Digi-Dimensional Soundscape 3D

With Digi-Dimensional Soundscape you can now live and perform with all the characters, houses, cars, planes, helicopters, trains, trucks, or whatever you like in Digi-Dimensional mode.


Intuitive Interface, Usability and a Huge Sample Set!

Keep your latest instruments in one central location. A simple user interface and drop-down display allow you to quickly and easily access your latest and most used sounds.

Meter Stand

Fine Time adjustment, and pressing once allows adjusting one second.

Essential Sound of 20037

Korg’s revolutionary DSP chip that gave birth to the MS-20!The Vocal Principle is an efficient

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Progenie Crack

* Song:
* Bank:
* Bank Size:
* File Size:
* Instrument:
* Width:
* Playback Speed:
* Waveform:
* Key:
* Delay:
* Filter:
* Decay:
* Sustain:
* Release:
* Attack:
* Terminal:
* Perc:
* Sens:
* Feedback:
* Mix:
* Range:
* Delay:
* Pulse:
* Perc:
* Band:
* Cutoff:
* Resonance:
* Gain:
* Volume:
* LFO Select:
* ADSR Select:
* Filter Select:
* Envelope Select:
* ADSR LFO Select:
* ADSR Filter Select:
* ADSR Envelope Select:
The following parameters are available:
■ Pitch
■ Volume
■ Pan
■ Effect
■ Envelope
■ Filter
■ Delay
■ Resonance
■ Mix
■ Feedback
Progenie is protected by an OLE system with 2 hidden passwords. You can have as many passwords as you like.
If you lose your password it’s easy to reset it. You just need to watch a YouTube video tutorial that will guide you through the steps necessary to reset the password.
And the nice thing is that after resetting the password the program will remember it and not ask for it anymore.
Progenie will ask for it again if you quit the program (uninstall) and then attempt to run it.
In that case the program will ask for the password again.
If you lose your password you can reset it within the program as well.
What’s New in Progenie 3.0:
– New Option to Undo Nested Editing
– Option to Display On Screen Guide for Editing
– Option to Toggle Quicktime Movies
– Option to Toggle Quicktime and AVI Movies
– Show/Hide Help dialog box
– Tabs toolbar section is now an optional component
– All LFO parameters and command icons are now nested under the section “Progenie Parameters”
– All Filter parameters are

What’s New in the?

Waves are a constant part of nature, and their harmonic structure is an important component of music.
Korg introduces herewith “Progenie” — a graphical, easy-to-use interface for the Korg Prophecy musical instrument.
“Progenie” allows you to edit and edit LFO waveform, pitch, and ADSR parameters, making it easy to create and explore new sounds.
With “Progenie” you can not only add new sounds to your Korg Prophecy, but also edit existing sounds — without the need to cut and paste to another Korg Prophecy.
Moreover, “Progenie” provides additional controls for modifying the LFO waveform and ADSR parameters, as well as a visual filter effect to complement the sound.
“Progenie” also includes preset playback for saving the parameters you set; the preset playback can also be used to quickly edit the parameters using “Progenie”.
For more information:
To start using “Progenie”, double-click on the icon on your desktop.
Progenie has a trial version of 30 days to introduce you to the software. After the trial ends, additional features are disabled.
The trial version allows you to create and save up to eight presets.
To create a new preset, use the “Create a New Preset” drop-down menu, and select “Pree”.
You may create as many presets as you wish, and you can save as many as you like.
Note: The presets are saved in the same directory as the application.
You can delete a preset from a current session using the “Create a New Preset” menu and select “Delete preset”.
For a quick-reference guide, select “Help” using the toolbar.
You can also view the “Help” menu to read documentation on how to use “Progenie”.
“Progenie” is available for personal use only.
“Progenie” is a registered trademark or a registered trade name of Korg Co., Ltd.
Note: There may be a US$59.95 upgrade fee for KORG’s “Prophecy 8000” MIDI effector.
If you have the full version of “Prophecy 8000,” you can download the Upgrade for only US$59.95.
“Progenie” upgrades “Prophecy 8000” to version 1.2.
“Progenie” is delivered as a software download in

System Requirements For Progenie:

Antimatter Cycler
Extractor Beam
Microbe Detector
Light Scanner
Lightweight Fiber Optic Scanner