Rahu in Pieces – Vedic Astrologer

by birthchartt
Published: September 23, 2022 (1 week ago)
New York, NY, USA

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu is the causative planet of worldliness and materiality. Rahu does not have any physical body, it is considered a shadow planet. Its nature is similar to that of Saturn. Rahu is considered to be the cause of illusion and illusion. Rahu is considered exalted in Taurus/Gemini and debilitated in Scorpio/Sagittarius. Rahu is air element dominant and a tamo-guna planet. If Rahu in Pisces in the horoscope, then Rahu sitting here can provide many benefits. You can get good benefits from abroad and foreigners. You may undertake many foreign trips in your lifetime. You can make more progress by staying away from your family.

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