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by tractorgyan
Published: September 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Sonalika tractors are a wide range of tractors with high efficiency and excellent efficiency in productivity. The engine efficiency of the Sonalika DI 60 tractor of this tractor is 60 hp, and the take-off power is 51 hp. The tractor has 8 forward gears + 2 reverse gears and wet brakes. The tractor’s fuel tank capacity is 62 liters, which makes it durable and long lasting. The number of cylinders mounted on the tractor is 4, offering excellent performance and maximum efficiency. The price of the Sonalika DI 60 2022 is 8.68 – 9.42 lacs*.The Sonalika DI 60 tractor in India 2022 is the most famous and recognized in the field of quality and tough tractors. The Sonalika DI 60 is a super class tractor with an attractive design and unique construction. The Sonalika tractor in India 2021 has staked a farmer’s purchase.It has excellent features, quality and fair price for tractors, keeping them intact and is the best for farmers and all kinds of applications. The tractor attracts everyone’s attention and preference. The company always offers tractors the best choice, features, quality and price, so they are suitable and easily adapted to any budget. These Sonalika tractors in India are powered by economical engines which are compatible and robust in usage and application. The Sonalika DI 60 tractor has all-wheel drive, allowing you to complete any task with ease. In addition, these tractors are used for all types of crops such as cotton, sugar cane, vineyards and orchards. Highly efficient tractor transmission delivers more power to the PTO for superior performance with rotating tools. We hope that the Sonalika DI 60 tractor in India 2022 will also retain its outstanding characteristics.